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100 1 _aRousseau, Jean-Jacques.
222 _aHSS-reference book collection
240 1 0 _aWorks.
245 1 0 _aRousseau:
_cRousseau ; edited and translated by Victor Gourevitch.
_bSocial contract and other later political writings
250 _aSecond edition.
260 _aCambridge:
_bCambridge University Press,
263 _a1804
300 _alxii, 346p.
490 0 _aCambridge texts in the history of political thought
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and indexes.
505 8 _aMachine generated contents note: Preface; Introduction; Chronology of Jean-Jacques Rousseau; A brief guide to further reading; A note on the texts; A note on the translations; A note on the editorial notes and index; Discourse on Political Economy; The Social Contract; Book I; Book II; Book III; Book IV; From the early version of The Social Contract known as the Geneva Manuscript: Book I, ch. 2; from Book II, ch. 4; 'The State of War'; Considerations on the Government of Poland; Selected Letters: Letter to D'Offreville; Letter to Usteri; Letter to Mirabeau; Letter to Franquieres; List of abbreviations and textual conventions; Editorial notes; Index of editors, translators, and annotators; General index.
520 _a"A comprehensive and authoritative anthology of Rousseau's major later political writings in up-to-date English translations. This volume includes the essay on Discourse on Political Economy; The Social Contract; the extensive, late Considerations on the Government of Poland; as well as the important draft on 'Principles of the Right of War' and a selection of his letters on various aspects of his political thought. The Social Contract, Rousseau's most comprehensive political work - he called it a 'small treatise' - was condemned on publication by both the civil and the ecclesiastical authorities in France as well as in Geneva, and warrants for its author's arrest were issued. Rousseau was forced to flee and it is during this period that he wrote some of his autobiographical works. This new edition features an expanded Introduction, and an extensive editorial apparatus designed to assist students at every level access these seminal texts"--
650 0 _aPolitical science.
650 0 _aSocial contract.
700 1 _aGourevitch, Victor,
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