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Silverman, Joseph H.

Rational points on elliptic curves by Joseph H. Silverman, John Tate. - 281p - Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, 0172-6056 . - Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, .

I Geometry and Arithmetic -- II Points of Finite Order -- III The Group of Rational Points -- IV Cubic Curves over Finite Fields -- V Integer Points on Cubic Curves -- VI Complex Multiplication -- Appendix A Projective Geometry -- 1. Homogeneous Coordinates and the Projective Plane -- 2. Curves in the Projective Plane -- 3. Intersections of Projective Curves -- 4. Intersection Multiplicities and a Proof of Bezout's Theorem -- Exercises -- List of Notation.

9788181282699 = Mathematics Collection Gratis Collection = Rational Points on Elliptic Curves


Geometry, algebraic.
Algebraic Geometry.


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