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Chapman, R.F.

Insects: Structure and Function Chapman, R.F. - 5th Edition - New Delhi Cambridge University Press 2013

Includes bibliographical references and indexes

Machine generated contents note: List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Prologue / George C. McGavin; Part I. The Head, Ingestion, Utilization and Distribution of Food: 1. Head / Stephen J. Simpson; 2. Mouthparts and feeding / Stephen J. Simpson; 3. Alimentary canal, digestion and absorption / Angela E. Douglas; 4. Nutrition / Angela E. Douglas and Stephen J. Simpson; 5. Circulatory system, blood and the immune system / Angela E. Douglas and Michael T. Siva-Jothy; 6. Fat body / Deborah K. Hoshizaki; Part II. The Thorax and Locomotion: 7. Thorax / Graham K. Taylor; 8. Legs and locomotion / Graham K. Taylor; 9. Wings and flight / Graham K. Taylor; 10. Muscles / John C. Sparrow; Part III. The Abdomen, Reproduction and Development: 11. Abdomen / Leigh W. Simmons; 12. Reproductive system: male / Leigh W. Simmons; 13. Reproductive system: female / Leigh W. Simmons; 14. The egg and embryology / Michael R. Strand; 15. Postembryonic development / Stuart Reynolds; Part IV. The Integument, Gas Exchange and Homeostasis: 16. Integument / Hans Merzendorfer; 17. Gaseous exchange / Jon F. Harrison and Lutz Thilo Wasserthal; 18. Excretion and salt and water regulation / Julian Dow; 19. Thermal relations / John S. Terblanche; Part V. Communication; Section 1. Physiological Co-ordination within the Insect: 20. Nervous system / Stephen Rogers; 21. Endocrine system / Stuart Reynolds; Section 2. Perception of the Environment: 22. Vision / Michael F. Land and Lars Chittka; 23. Mechanoreception / Tom Matheson; 24. Chemoreception / Bronwen Cribb and David Merritt; Section 3. Communication with other Organisms: 25. Visual signals: colour and light production / Peter Vukusic and Lars Chittka; 26. Mechanical communication: producing sound and substrate vibrations / Ralf Heinrich; 27. Chemical communication: pheromones and chemicals with interspecific significance / Jeremy McNeil and Jocelyn G. Millar; Taxonomic index; Subject index.

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