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Feynman and computation : exploring the limits of computers edited by Anthony J.G. Hey. - Oxford : Westview Press/Perseus Books, c2002. - xxiii, 438 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

"Advanced book program."

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Feynman and computation / Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities / Feynman as a colleague ; Collective electrodynamics I / Memory / Numerical evidence that the motion of Pluto is chaotic / There's plenty of room at the bottom / Information is inevitable physical / Scaling of MOS technology to submicrometer feature sizes / Richard Feynman and cellular vacuum / Simulating physics with computers / Quantum robots / Quantum information theory / Quantum computation / Computing machines in the future / Internetics: technologies, applications and academic fields / Richard Feynman and the connection machine / Crystalline computation / Information, physics, quantum: the search for links / Feynman, Barton and the reversible Schrödinger difference equation / Action, or the fungibility of computation / Algorithmic randomness, physical entropy, measurements, and the demon of choice / John J. Hopfield -- John J. Hopfield -- Carver A. Mead -- Gerald Jay Sussman -- Gerald Jay Sussman and Jack Wisdom -- Richard P. Feynman -- Rolf Landauer -- Carver A. Mead -- Marvin Minsky -- Richard P. Feynman -- Paul Benioff -- Charles H. Bennett -- Richard J. Hughes -- Richard P. Feynman -- Geoffrey C. Fox -- W. Daniel Hillis -- Norman H. Margolus -- John Archibald Wheeler -- Ed Fredkin -- Tommaso Toffoli -- Wojciech Zurek.

081334039X (pbk) 9780813340395 = EECS-reference book collection


Feynman, Richard P. 1918-1988.

Physics--Data processing.
Physics--Computer simulation.
Mathematical physics--Data processing.
Quantum computers.

QC52 / .F49 2002

530.0285 F43

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